Child with Surgical Feeding Tube Related Problem Presenting to Paediatric Emergency Department

Publication: 01/10/2019  
Next review: 30/11/2025  
Care Pathway
ID: 6144 
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Child with Surgical Feeding Tube Related Problem Presenting to Paediatric Emergency Department

Summary of Guideline

A Pathway supporting the admission and management of children with surgical feeding tube problems


There has previously been confusion around the roles of specialties in managing children whom have feeding tube related problems. This will hopefully reduce confusion and improve the experience of children and their families.


This pathway applies to children attending the Paediatric Emergency Department whom have dislodged or blocked surgical feeding tubes (i.e gastrostomies/jejunostomies).  It does not apply to children with nasogastric or nasojejunal tubes, whom currently attend the Children’s Assessment unit for the tubes to be assessed and managed.


No investigations are mandated by this pathway

Treatment / Management

Emergency treatment in dislodged tubes - ensure the stoma is patent with either an ENFIT stopper or NG tube. 

See pathway for full details.

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Record: 6144

To improve the experience of children and their families when attending the emergency department with surgical feeding tube displacement or blockage.

This pathway (which has been agreed by the clinical director of Leeds Children’s Hospital) will enable front line clinicians to refer and arrange admission under the appropriate speciality to ensure the child’s hydration and medications are managed appropriately, until the feeding tube can be replaced or unblocked by Paediatric Surgical team. 

Clinical condition:

Children with Surgical feeding tubes

Target patient group: Paediatrics
Target professional group(s): Allied Health Professionals
Secondary Care Doctors
Secondary Care Nurses
Adapted from:

Evidence base

References and Evidence levels:

A. Meta-analyses, randomised controlled trials/systematic reviews of RCTs
B. Robust experimental or observational studies
C. Expert consensus.
D. Leeds consensus. (where no national guidance exists or there is wide disagreement with a level C recommendation or where national guidance documents contradict each other)

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Trust Clinical Guidelines Group

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