Renal/Genito Urinary - Secondary Care Body Map

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  1. Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in Children and Young People (Clinical Guideline)
  2. Anaemia Secondary to Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD ) in Childhood and Adolescence Guidelines for the Management of (Clinical Guideline)
  3. Clean Intermittent Catheterisation ( CIC ) in Infants under 1 year old with Spina Bifida Standard Operating Procedure (Standard Operating Procedure)
  4. Community Acquired Infection of unknown focus in Infants and Children ( not on NICU ) Management of (Clinical Guideline)
  5. Congenital Syphilis Investigation and Treatment of Infants Born to Mothers with a History of Syphilis (Clinical Guideline)
  6. Female Genital Mutilation ( FGM ) Standard Operating Procedure for recording and reporting (Standard Operating Procedure)
  7. Henoch-Schonlein Purpura in Patients Under 16 Years (Clinical Guideline)
  8. Hyperkalaemia Guidelines for Acute Management in the Neonate (Clinical Guideline)
  9. Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome in Childhood Regional Guideline for the Management of (Clinical Guideline)
  10. Management of hyperkalaemia in children (1 month to 16 years) (Clinical Guideline)
  11. Paediatric renal transplantation protocol (Clinical Guideline)
  12. Rabbit Anti-Thymocyte Globulin (thymoglobuline, rATG) Protocol (Standard Operating Procedure)
  13. Spina Bifida Guidance for the Care and Management of Infants and Children with (Clinical Guideline)
  14. Urethral Catheterisation in Infants (Standard Operating Procedure)
  15. Urinary Tract Infections ( UTI's ) in Childhood Yorkshire Regional Management Guidelines (Clinical Guideline)