Medicines - Secondary Care Body Map

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  1. Paediatric Vitamin D Guideline ( under 18 years ) for Primary and Secondary Care (Clinical Guideline)
  2. Vancomycin Prescribing Guidance in Paediatrics ( 1 month - 16 years ) (Clinical Guideline)
  3. Anti-thrombotic Treatment in Children Guideline for the Use of (Clinical Guideline)
  4. Immunoglobulin Guidance Commissioning Criteria Policy (Clinical Guideline)
  5. Intravenous Fluid Therapy in Term Neonates, Children and Young People in Hospital (Clinical Guideline)
  6. Amikacin Intravenous antimicrobial prescribing guidelines (Clinical Guideline)
  7. Penicillin Allergy - Assessment and Management of a Patient presenting with a History of (Clinical Protocol)
  8. Taurolidine – based catheter lock solutions ( TauroLockTM ) Prescribing Guidance (Clinical Guideline)
  9. Primary immune thrombocytopenia in children and young adults Leeds Children’s Hospital Guidance (Clinical Guideline)
  10. Drug Allergy: Diagnosis and Management (Clinical Guideline)
  11. Tobramycin ( Paediatric version of Neutropenic Sepsis Guideline ) (Clinical Guideline)
  12. Cidofovir in the Management of Adenovirus and Polyoma (BK) Virus Infections in Paediatric Oncology including BK virus associated Hemorrhagic Cystitis Guidelines for the use of (Clinical Guideline)
  13. Influenza - Procedure for patient exposure (Clinical Guideline)
  14. Chemotherapy, Blood Product or Other Drug Induced Allergic Reactions for Children and adolescents Guideline for the Treatment of (Clinical Guideline)
  15. Guidelines for monitoring systemic effects of Glucocorticoids in children with a diagnosis of asthma (Clinical Guideline)
  16. Non-chemotherapy Intrathecal Drug Protocol (Standard Operating Procedure)
  17. Oral viscous budesonide: Amber Drug Guidance for the treatment of of paediatric eosinophilic oesophagitis (Clinical Guideline)
  18. Safe handling of cytotoxic medicines and cytotoxic waste including spillage management (Standard Operating Procedure)
  19. Prevention of serious hypersensitivity reactions in paediatric oncology patients (Clinical Guideline)
  20. Propofol for Short Term Sedation in Children and Young People on PICU (by Consultant Approval Only) Guideline for the Use of (Clinical Guideline)
  21. Ifosfamide - Induced Encephalopathy in Children and Young People ( IEE ) Guideline for the Management of (Clinical Guideline)
  22. Hypercyanotic spell (Tetralogy of Fallot) (Clinical Guideline)
  23. Tranexamic Acid in Trauma ( Adults and Children ) (Clinical Guideline)
  24. Cannabis Based Products for Medicinal Use Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Guideline (Clinical Guideline)
  25. Ivabradine for Heart Failure in Children (Clinical Guideline)
  26. Uridine triacetate for the treatment of patients exhibiting early-onset severe toxicities following 5-fluorouracil or capecitabine administration (Clinical Guideline)
  27. Vinca Alkaloids - Administration of Adults and adolescents within Leeds Cancer Centre (Standard Operating Procedure)